[osg-users] Which File Formats / Plugins support multi-texture?

David Spilling david.spilling at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 13:57:10 PDT 2008

Paul, Gordon

Thanks for the info and tip:

Perhaps the best way to glean this info would be to grep the plugin source
> for setTextureAttribute or setTextureAttributeAndModes, and see which
> plugins specify something other than 0 for the units parameter.

Just in case this ever helps anyone, on OSG 2.4.0, the following plugins
would appear (from the source code) to support multitexture:

LWO (Surface)
Direct X .x
TXP (although lots of comments about "in theory" in the code)
Q3BSP (texture unit 0 = diffuse and 1 = lightmap)

I haven't done the grep on the 2.6 source code; but I noticed that there had
been a submission for multitexture from Bob Kuehne on the OBJ format, which
(along with .x) is a good intermediate for me, so I'll try both.

Thanks again,

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