[osg-users] Terrapage loader and bad data?

Tomlinson, Gordon GTOMLINSON at overwatch.textron.com
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Don't know about your specifics but when I was working with the TXP
stuff a while ago it would throw a one all over the place never found a
way to stop the dang things...


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When loading certain (many) terrapage files I notice that there are a
lot of failed calls to getData. It seems as if it's often trying to read
beyond the limits of the buffers that it has. For example it constantly
calls "throw 1" in functions like:
trpgMemReadBuffer::GetData(char *ret,int rlen) after failing a
"TestLimit" call.

I'm curious about this. These exceptions are obviously being caught and
the loader recovers (the terrain does load) but I'm not sure what these
exceptions mean. Do they mean I'm loading a terrain that's not of a
version that the loader understands? Does it mean that the data in the
terrain is formatted badly?

Anyone have any insight?

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