[osg-users] Collada missing textures when converting from ive

Adrian Egli OpenSceneGraph (3D) 3dhelp at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 07:43:38 PDT 2008

Hi Alexandre,

i am not sure, but the all convertor loose texture when you convert the
object from an ive to another format. the problem is, that the texture is
store in binary (internal, close to memory dump) so the convertor doesn't
have the texture file. may you can each image into a file, and change the
ive's texture ref to the written file, then you can write it into an osg and
next convert the osg file into an dae file
may this will work


2008/9/15 amalric alexandre <alex.pixxim at gmail.com>

> Hi osg-users,
> This morning I decided to test collada plugin from osg 2.7.1, so I
> donwloaded Collada DOM 2.1.1 and compile it with VS 2005, I configured OSG
> solution with CMAKE (Collada include dir and lib found) so the osgPlugin dae
> compile OK.
> Then I used osgconv to convert cow.ive to cow.dae, the output dae file is
> apparently missing texture in osgViewer.
> I decided to convert an other model from our own database and the result is
> that weird messages are appearing when trying to load it with osgViewer.
> (Error: daeStandardURIResolver::resolveElement() - Failed to resolve file
> :C/Program%20Files/OpenSceneGraph_2.7.1/bin/01B1.dae#C/Program%20Files/OpenSceneGraph_2.7.1/bin/01B1.ive
> Is OSG 2.7.1 ok with COLLADA DOM 2.1.1 ??
> Am I missing some options when converting IVE to DAE ??
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Adrian Egli
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