[osg-users] Paul, Another FLT Export BUG.

Paul Martz pmartz at skew-matrix.com
Sun Sep 14 13:35:37 PDT 2008

By the way, are you aware that BIND_PER_PRIMITIVE is the least efficient way
to render in OSG? There is no OpenGL vertex arrays equivalent for this, so
the best OSG can do to support it is specify slow path glBegin/glEnd calls
stored in a display list. If you can fix your data to not use
BIND_PER_PRIMITIVE, not only would you avoid this issue in the FLT exporter,
but you'd also potentially experience a performance boost (depending on
where your bottleneck is).
In fact, the reason this bug is in the exporter is probably because I didn't
test BIND_PER_PRIMITIVE, thinking that no one really uses that binding
anyway. (At least, no one who cares about performance uses it.)


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We've found another FLT export BUG which happens when geometry normal bind
mode is BIND_PER_PRIMITIVE. It looks like it's trying to convert the normal
array to BIND_PER_VERTEX, but it fails. Here's our example:

In osgviewer, look at the surface and toggle both lighting modes. Then
convert and do the same. 

I hope that helps! Your pal, 

John Argentieri 
General Dynamics C4 Systems 
Battle Management Systems Division 
Software Engineer 

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