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Hello Sajjad,

You can find details on this, and much more good information in
"OpenSceneGraph Quick Start Guide", chapter : 2.3.3

Go to http://www.skew-matrix.com/OSGQSG/index.html
<http://www.skew-matrix.com/OSGQSG/index.html> , follow the 'lulu.com'
link. The guide can be downloaded for free. Paul Martz: thank you *VERY*
much for this beautiful guide!

Good luck,



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	Hello Forum,
	OSG Transform allows to specify its reference frame and by
default the reference frame is relative. and the other one is the
	And the two are specified by different code identifier.
	We can view transformation in 2 ways.
	1. relative to  the fixed coordinate system.
	2. Local movable coordinate system.
	There is no practical difference and just a matter of viewpoint.
	What is the purpose of OSG to specify them separately as
	Any example would be of great help!!!

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