[osg-users] problem loading png images with osg 2.6

Gordon Tomlinson gordon at gordon-tomlinson.com
Tue Sep 9 05:54:38 PDT 2008

Try turning the OSG error notification to a higher level and see if any
clues are displayed to the console.


Are you picking up the correct plug-in debug/ release, all libs built with
the same compiler, on the same OS with the same VS patches ?


Do you have SP1 installed for VS 2005 , you must have this installed


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Using Vista 32 bits and visual studio 2005

we´re using a lot of intersections in our project, so we decided to move to
osg 2.6 to test the new kdtree functionality

we´re unable to load png´s right now, which is a little wierd cause i can
see in the visual studio output window that the right osgdb_png.dll osgbdb
plugin is being loaded

any ideas???


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