[osg-users] Custom mipmap loading? (Re: Texture not clear in far view)

Ulrich Hertlein u.hertlein at sandbox.de
Tue Sep 9 02:32:19 PDT 2008

Hi J-S,

Jean-Sébastien Guay wrote:
> Here's the DDS plugin for the GIMP:
> http://nifelheim.dyndns.org/~cocidius/dds/
> Seems pretty complete. It says it can do automatic mipmap generation on
> save, I hope it gives you options on which filtering algorithms to
> use... It also says it can load mipmap levels onto separate layers, I
> wonder if it can save mipmap levels that are on separate layers too...

I found that before but wasn't sure if it supports custom mipmaps.
Now I know that it definitively doesn't do that (which is a shame) but at least I'm able
to convert to .dds that way, thanks.  And yes, it gives you a few filter to choose


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