[osg-users] Texture not clear in far view

Gordon Tomlinson gordon at gordon-tomlinson.com
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Look up anisotropic filtering, that's probably part of the effect your
seeing, most modern cards have settings to help this type of artifact


BTW JPEG images have to be decompressed before they are  used, thus they do
not save you any graphics memory, DDS is better because modern cards handle
the format as native and no decompression is needed


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Hi Robert and J-S,


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the DDS format is a good solution to control the mip mapping. But now
since my texture is JPEG, it seems that I have to let OSG generate mipmaps. 


I find that the default filtering mode is LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR for
MIN_FILTER. I tried some other filtering modes like LINEAR, and the texture
performance becomes better in far distance. The texture, however, doesn't
look very stable and is kind of dithering when you move the scene. When you
stop, everything is just fine. 


Any hints for the possible reason for this? Thanks a lot.


Best regards,


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