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Gordon Tomlinson gordon at gordon-tomlinson.com
Sun Sep 7 18:09:24 PDT 2008

Not quite a bollocking yet Jon ;)

But if you want to make it easier to get Maya models into Osg perhaps you
could write a direct Maya file reader for OSG and if you're feeling really
generous or adventurous you could also add write capabilities for the Maya
file handler :)

On a general note, I have used most scene graphs technologies that have been
out over many years I have been involved in vis-sim (dang a long time now
too ) and the OSG offers the most import capabilities, I have never had a
real issue in getting my data in to OSG, whether the data is traditional
vis-sim, GIS, GeoInt, Lidar, Web, KML, Satellite, CAD, 3d, Flt, User data
etc. Now I may have had to use other tools at time to convert data or wrote
my own loaders(e.g. LIDAR), that perfectly acceptable and understood.

The power of The OSG is that the USERS can extended it very easily if OSG is
not currently supporting an area they would like, OSG supports a whole lot
of areas most scene graphs do not thanks to hard work and generous
contributions of many folks on the list past and present but it cannot
really be expected to support everything.

Jon, I and others look forward to your generous contribution of a Maya file
reader so that it is not unnecessarily difficult to work with in the future
for Maya users :)  ( see no bollocking ;) )

Gordon Tomlinson 

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Hi Todd,
I mostly use FLT for this, painful though it is, I am not sure why your 
textures are missing though?
I tend to use Maya Bonus Tools >organise files prior to export just to 
keep everything together.
 You will need to remember to freeze transforms on all objects including 
group nodes, and also delete all history.
I have compiled a modded Maya  8.5  version of the DIO soft maya 
exporter obtained from

It "sort" of works, that is, it functions ok for models that are not 
overly complex, as soon as you are  exporting  models with polygons over 
the 30 k mark it falls over. 
The code itself could do with a cleanup to say the least and I have not 
had the time to pull it apart to try and fix it.
 At risk of getting a bollocking, getting content into the osg in 
general is unnecessarily difficult IMHO.



Todd J. Furlong wrote:
> I'm interested in getting the community's input on the best way to 
> export from Maya to an OSG-readable format.  I'm looking for something 
> that will support scene structure, textures, and potentially shaders. 
> We tried FLT export from Maya, but the textures didn't come into OSG. 
> Has anyone come up with a reliable way to bring in Maya data?
> -Todd
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