[osg-users] how to use CoordinateSystemNode?

Glenn Waldron gwaldron at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 07:13:51 PDT 2008

Hi Forest,

The CoordinateSystemNode only communicates the CS of the underlying scene
graph. Nothing in OSG actually reprojects the coordinates. You need to use
something like GDAL/OGR to do that. (see:

You will need to either a) rebuild your city file in WGS84 so that it lines
up with the terrain when loaded, or b) reproject the verticies in the city
geometry into WGS84 after you load it.

Hope this helps. -Glenn

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2008/9/4 forest37 <forest37 at 163.com>

>  hi all,
>       Now I have two files, "earth.osga " and "city.ive" .
>       The first file use GEOGCS WGS 84 CoordinateSystem and the second file
> use PROJCS UTM Zone  CoordinateSystem ,I add them both into the scene.But i
> only can see the scene of the first file,that is the earth.No matter how i
> zoomed in and out ,I still can't find the scene of the second file which is
> a city .
>      what I want to do is to show the earth and city like google earth,what
> should i do?
>      thanks for any hint.
> best regards
> forest
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