[osg-users] 2.6 Mac OS X issues and some solutions

Filip Wänström filip.wanstrom at tii.se
Thu Sep 4 05:31:49 PDT 2008


I'm absolutely not in to here to point fingers etc. I just wanted to share
my experience when trying to build on the Mac for the first time in a long
long time (last time I tried all mac was X11 and the osg version was 0.9 or
so). I'm not interested so much in explanations (even though they can be
enlightening) as I am in solutions. I personally  need to know if I can use
the Mac as a development platform for real time 3D applications today. Can I
use OSG to help me from reinventing the wheel? Do I have to abandon the Mac
in favor for Windows? These are the questions I need to get answered. By
myself and with the help from others. Like this eminent list.

Obviously, things like what you describe can happen and can be easy to fix.
But when you are evaluating a platform or and API, all friction works
against it. Issues like that should be sorted out in the pre-rc state in a
best case scenario. As its stands, one (me!) gets discouraged and tends to
think that these issues reflect the general state of things...

In any case, I think it would be good to make one single, clear, general and
working path for the Mac OS X build. If one download code, one should be
able to follow a tutorial along and get the stuff working. I hope no-one is
offended by this as I fully understand that no one gets payed for making
sure everything works fine etc etc.

I have written down my experience, hopefully this can be used to change some
of the documentation on the web. I can not change it myself (or can I?)
Otherwise I could have made the changes on the Wiki/Trac. And, since I'm
kind of new to this game (this time around) I thought it would be better to
air my thoughts on this list.

I have changed the xcode template on my system so that it uses libs instead.
I could upload that somewhere if I knew how alongside information on how to
do use it. (and for review, obviously)

Anyway, I hope this might lead to further, and fruitful, discussion on the
state of the Mac.

Best regards

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 1:20 PM, Stephan Maximilian Huber <
ratzfatz at digitalmind.de> wrote:

> Filip Wänström schrieb:
>> 1. There is not much documentation (The biggest problem is that a lot of
>> documentation is contradictory or just to old). So it's trial and error
>> (and
>> patience).
> I am sorry, that the xcode-project didn't work for you -- I am maintaining
> it in my spare time. Unfortunatley I cannot donate as much time as I want to
> to keep the xcode project running. Maintaining the hand-crafted
> Xcode-project files is error-prone and tedious to do.
> But your problem is easy fixable. Just select the group osgWidget in
> OpenSceneGraph/src and reselect the source-folder. Unfortunately XCode
> stored an absolute path to the osgWidget folder. This worked for me, but not
> for you :)
> Regarding moving the XCode-folder to the deprecated section: As long as
> most OS X users do their stuff with libraries I am not against the move.
> Even better would be a cMake solution building frameworks natively. But I am
> not an cMake-guru and can't say anything about that route and if it works.
> cheers,
> Stephan
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