[osg-users] 2.6 Mac OS X issues and some solutions

E. Wing ewmailing at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 05:30:28 PDT 2008

On 9/4/08, Robert Osfield <robert.osfield at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Filip,
> On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 11:14 AM, Filip Wänström
> <filip.wanstrom at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Since I tried the CMake route that creates regular .so files and headers
>> in
>> /usr/local instead of creating mac os frameworks the template need to be
>> changed by removing all the framework linkings. In addition, some of the
>> headers in the precompiled header file is out of date it seems.
>> Introspection and osgSim/OpenFlightOptimizer
> Hopefully we'll be able to get the XCode generation from CMake working
> well enough before OSG-2.8 to enable us to remove all the old hand
> maintained XCode and the oddities like the above that go along with
> it.
> I have been threatening to retire the old XCode directory to the
> deprecated section of the OSG svn repository, perhaps now is the time
> to do it... it'd help concentrate our efforts of getting Cmake to work
> flawlessly and help avoid errors like the above creeping in unnoticed.
>  Thoughts OSX users?
> Robert.

Sorry, I've been really busy with other things so I haven't been able
to work directly on this. I have been trying to coordinate with Eric
S. who has been making improvements to the CMake build system. I have
independently been testing the final CMake support for framework
building. I think we've weeded out all but one remaining bug.

I have a demonstration/experimental build script that pushes a lot of
the Mac CMake build features for Lua:
It also offers a lot of specific GUI options for easy reconfiguration.

I envision all the stuff I do there to be transplanted into OSG's build system.

(Also, to see some other things I do, you can glance at some connected
Lua projects from a superproject/forest I made for LuaDoc here:

I also have a long-lived branch of OSG with some initial framework
building support and other Mac things found here:

It's quite a bit stale though as I haven't touched it since WWDC. Eric
S. and I met at WWDC to discuss/work on the OSG build system and I
pointed him to that as a reference. His current changes already
submitted I believe already incorporate some of the stuff, though not
the framework stuff yet. The Lua example may be easier to read since
its much smaller. It is also more up-to-date and more complete (99%).

Anyway, if everybody is free to look at my stuff and I'll be happy to
help with questions you might have, though I'm still time crunched to
find a large block of time to sit down and finish writing the thing.
(That's what happened with my branch...I took too long, and it kept
getting stale so the cost of resyncing with head starting eating up
too much time.)


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