[osg-users] 2.6 Mac OS X issues and some solutions

Stephan Maximilian Huber ratzfatz at digitalmind.de
Thu Sep 4 04:20:57 PDT 2008

Filip Wänström schrieb:
> 1. There is not much documentation (The biggest problem is that a lot of
> documentation is contradictory or just to old). So it's trial and error (and
> patience).
I am sorry, that the xcode-project didn't work for you -- I am 
maintaining it in my spare time. Unfortunatley I cannot donate as much 
time as I want to to keep the xcode project running. Maintaining the 
hand-crafted Xcode-project files is error-prone and tedious to do.

But your problem is easy fixable. Just select the group osgWidget in 
OpenSceneGraph/src and reselect the source-folder. Unfortunately XCode 
stored an absolute path to the osgWidget folder. This worked for me, but 
not for you :)

Regarding moving the XCode-folder to the deprecated section: As long as 
most OS X users do their stuff with libraries I am not against the move. 
Even better would be a cMake solution building frameworks natively. But 
I am not an cMake-guru and can't say anything about that route and if it 


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