[osg-users] OT: Any Route Following ( best way to get from A to b)

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Wed Sep 3 13:56:52 PDT 2008

Here's a link:


Lot's of stuff out there for A * (star) and derivatives.


Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 16:50:41 -0400
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Subject: [osg-users] OT: Any Route Following ( best way to get from A to b)

Off topic to OSG a little
Note how to follow a 
route that's straight forward, but how to calculate a route , I was wondering if any one 
had come across or were a ware of any open source projects on Routing best path 
calculations, give a terrain and 3d database of some from what would the best 
route for travelling from A to B going through several way points, for walking, 
driving , in winter , in summer etcetc..  Bit like ya Tom Tom SatNav but 
without the road data and logic that goes with it ;)
I have had some 
inquiries if we could do something like this in our OSG apps and I have no idea 
not having been involved in any thing like this before other than using my Tom 
Tom ;), 

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