[osg-users] NodeVisitors and Synchronization

Argentieri, John-P63223 John.Argentieri at gdc4s.com
Tue Sep 30 11:08:31 PDT 2008


Once I've called Node::accept(NodeVisitor&), does osgViewer::Viewer wait
until the update traversal to let the NodeVisitor perform it's
traversal? If I am in the GUI thread when I call accept(), does
NodeVisitor::apply happen in the GUI thread? Or does it happen in an
osgViewer thread based on the threading model?

I'm trying to make sure my NodeVisitor's have done their work before
reacting to osg::Camera's PostDraw callback. 

I am considering having nodes accept all visitors, waiting for a single
update callback, then registering for the osg::Camera's postdraw
callback. Do you guys think that will solve my synchronization problem?


John Argentieri
Software Engineer
C4 Systems 
John.Argentieri at gdc4s.com

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