[osg-users] vpb: Spherical terrains?

Alejandro Aguilar Sierra algsierra at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 07:00:54 PDT 2008


As recommended in this forum, I installed both osg and vpb from svn
and I was able to reproduce the example with the Punget terrain.

Now I want to try it with planets, starting with the moon.

I started trying with these parameters --geocentric --spherical
--radius-equator 1735000  but I get this error:

ERROR 1: Unable to compute a transformation between pixel/line
and georeferenced coordinates for moon_heigth.tif.
There is no affine transformation and no GCPs.

I assume I could add that transformation in a world file or creating a
geotiff file, but I am not sure how to do that.

I also assume that the bluemarble options only works at Earth scale,
as in this example:


Sorry if these are faqs, I am a newvbie and there is not much
documentation about this subject.

I will appreciate any advice.


-- Alejandro Sierra

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