[osg-users] Sharing PagedLOD node in multiple osgViewer::Viewer windows

KSpam keesling_spam at cox.net
Fri Sep 26 17:58:44 PDT 2008

My application utilizes a osg::PagedLOD node for terrain that is shared across 
multiple osgViewer::Viewer instances.  The terrain paging works beautifully 
when I only have a single window open; however, there are issues whenever I 
open a second window.

Some of the issues I see are:
1) Window 1 appears to revert to the lowest LOD
2) Window 1 and 2 seem to "flicker" as if fighting over which texture or tile 
should be visible
3) Sometimes window 2 textures are missing for some tiles (i.e. white 

I suspect that I might be using osgDB::DatabasePager improperly.  I have tried 
sharing the same osgDB::DatabasePager across all osgViewer::Viewer instances, 
and I have also tried using a unique osgDB::DatabasePager for each 
osgViewer::Viewer instance.  What is the correct approach?

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?  Any suggestions for me to try?

I am using OSG 2.4.


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