[osg-users] Textures not displaying properly when you open the OSG window the second t ime arround in a Win32 application

Juan Sebastian Casanueva jscasanueva at espelsa.es
Fri Sep 26 01:13:46 PDT 2008

We are implementing a Windows application that opens an OSG viewer on a Windows window (lets call it 3d window) and displays some 3d graphics. 
The way we are implementing the application is similar to the MFC example (although I am not using MFC, but Win32 API instead), the only difference is that I use a CompositeViewer instead of a Viewer.
Everything works fine when you open the 3d window for the first time, but if you close the 3d window and open it again (note that you don't close the main application, only the 3d window), the textures do not display properly anymore. Sometimes some textures are dark, sometimes some are white, sometimes they do not show at all, and sometimes some textures are swapped between objects. If you close and open again and again, you get a combination of those problems. If you exit the main application, start it again and open the 3d window, everything is displayed perfectly.
I don't really know were the problem might be, so if somebody can guide me in the right direction as to where the problem might be, I will appreciate it .
Thanks very much
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