[osg-users] Update a texture's pixels contents, using apply or glTexSubImage2D

Guillaume Langlois guillaume at spaceanddream.com
Thu Sep 25 16:48:47 PDT 2008



I have set up a DirectShow graph that grabs frames from a web cam. This
graph executes asynchronously from Open Scene Graph, and the idea is to copy
the output to the pixels of a TextureRectangle's image (so that each
rendered frame shows the webcam feed on a 3d plane).


I would have done this by calling glTexSubImage2D before binding the
TextureRectangle, but being new to OSG, some of its functionality still
eludes me, especially  everything related to the apply() function, which I
believe is what I have to do (?).


In short, how could I update the texture's pixels with whatever the webcam
graph has ready at each frame? 


Thank in advance, 


Guillaume Langlois 

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