[osg-users] compiling examples

Maurizio Vitale mav at cuma.polymath-solutions.lan
Sat Sep 20 12:33:38 PDT 2008

I've been away from osg for long enough to forget how to compile the
examples. I've found an oldish message from Robert explaining the
procedure, but couldn't find the same information in the documentation
or the wiki. It would be good if the getting started guide included
Robert's explanation instead of simply saying to execute runtest.bat,
which cannot work without building the examples first.

Here's Robert's message:

       The examples aren't build by default  - there are nearly a hundred of
       them so its good to keep build time down for those who don't need

       The examples can be built by running:
          cd OpenSceneGraph
             ccmake .

             And then in console GUI presented toggling on the BUILD_OSG_EXAMPLES
             to ON, the press 'c' to configure, then 'g' to generate the final
             build system.

             Then just run make as sual.



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