[osg-users] Problems with multi-monitor and DrawThreadPerContext mode

Serge Lages serge.lages at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 08:44:04 PDT 2008

Hi all,

First of all, here are the setups I currently use :
- 1x GeForce 8600 GTS with 2 monitors
- 2x GeForce 8900 GT with 2 monitors (one on each card)
The whole installed with Windows XP, the latest OSG version and the latest
NVidia drivers.

My application use the two screens (a part of the scene is shared by each
screen), and I am facing some crashes on the rendering part. Currently if
the two rendering threads (I am in DrawThreadPerContext mode) try to compile
a display list at the same time, or try to upload a texture to the graphic
card, it fails. To avoid it, I need to put mutexes to protect from doing
such operations at the same time (it fails with the 2 setups I use).

If I use the DrawThreadPerContext mode with only one monitor (but still 2
windows with different contexts), it works without problems.

Anyone has already seen such a problem ? Or anyone has some success with
multi-monitor on WinXP and NVidia cards ?

Serge Lages
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