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Christopher Bläsius christopher.blaesius at stud.uni-karlsruhe.de
Thu Sep 18 06:04:59 PDT 2008

we want to switch between the shadow techniques at runtime. Sadly some 
shadows doesn't work correct. Would be cool if someone can help me with 
1. ShadowVolume
It doesn't work in two-pass mode at all. It just displays the shadow 
volume as a white mesh. screenshot: 
This is really bad as two-sided only works on newer 3d cards.
Also disabling the stencil shadows doesnt work, we recreate the 
ShadowedScene node but it seems like ShadowVolume disables the lighting.

2. ShadowMap
ShadowMap sets the ambient value of our light to zero and it doesn't 
even restore it when calling cleanScenegraph. I think it would be 
better if ShadowMap copies the ambient value of the light to the 
ambient uniform used in the fragment shader and later on 
cleanScenegraph copy it back to the light. (This should also be done in 

3. SoftShadowMap
I think i've found a bug there. ShadowMap creates a white dummy base 
texture so you can use shadows in a scene that has both objects with 
and without textures. SoftShadowMap doesn't do this.

4. ShadowTexture
We cant get this to work at all. Is there anything specific we must consider?

Christopher Bläsius

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