[osg-users] rendering in FB and to texture, shadow mapping test

Fabian Bützow buetz at uni-koblenz.de
Wed Sep 17 05:15:32 PDT 2008


i have a scene with two cameras that render in different views (same 
Cam2 is only to render those fragments, that are seen by cam1.

Basically its a simple shadow mapping procedure:
The depth test is done in the fragment shader of cam2, if the fragment 
is "in the light" it is drawn, otherwise discarded. Since i need to 
render the cam1 view anyway, i could create the shadow map on the fly. 
Therefore i need to render to texture and to the normal framebuffer of 
view1 simultaneously. But i dont know how to do this (without an 
additional rendering pass).

Maybe you could help me,

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