[osg-users] Collada missing textures when converting from ive

amalric alexandre alex.pixxim at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 07:04:42 PDT 2008

Hi osg-users,

This morning I decided to test collada plugin from osg 2.7.1, so I
donwloaded Collada DOM 2.1.1 and compile it with VS 2005, I configured OSG
solution with CMAKE (Collada include dir and lib found) so the osgPlugin dae
compile OK.

Then I used osgconv to convert cow.ive to cow.dae, the output dae file is
apparently missing texture in osgViewer.

I decided to convert an other model from our own database and the result is
that weird messages are appearing when trying to load it with osgViewer.
(Error: daeStandardURIResolver::resolveElement() - Failed to resolve file

Is OSG 2.7.1 ok with COLLADA DOM 2.1.1 ??

Am I missing some options when converting IVE to DAE ??

Alexandre AMALRIC Ingénieur R&D
PIXXIM S.A. 73E, rue Perrin-Solliers 13006 Marseille
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