[osg-users] osg-users subscription pass 2000 mark!

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 06:18:34 PDT 2008

Hi All,

I checked the number of subscribers on osg-users this morning and
found that there are now 2002 subscribers.  A warm welcome to all the
new developers :-)

Our last milestone of 1900 was passed back in May, and the last big
milestone of 1000 subscribers was back in May 2005.   This means we
are roughly growing at average of about 0.8 a day, a rate that the we
fluctuate around month by month, but not by much.  Considering all
that is happening in the industry outwith the OSG project this
consistency of growth is somewhat surprising - Scene Graphs and OpenGL
are still just as relevant today as in the early years of the project
(at the turn of the millennium).

How the osg-users figure relates to actual osg users figures is hard
to know.  Some users subscribe more than once, while others use one
address for a whole team that use the OSG, and some developers are on
the list but just watching rather than using, while others who use the
osg unsubscribe once they are to up speed on the software but still
use the OSG.  If one then tries to work out how many end users use
software that uses the OSG rather than number of developers working
with it, well one basically has nothing to go on - being open source
that is no mechanism for tracking usage once the source code is
downloaded.  Perhaps members of osg-users can provide some figures of
there own user community.


ps. If you are curious about historical community figures have a look
at the community activity page on the wiki, something I'm maintain on
adhoc basis to keep track of how we are doing, and how this compares
to other open source scene graphs:


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