[osg-users] Possibly Slightly OT - Mipmap interaction with wireframe.

Dorosky, Christopher G christopher.g.dorosky at lmco.com
Mon Sep 8 09:01:08 PDT 2008

I have a terrain model, that has some high resolution texture.
This texture is mipmapped.

If I view the model at a slight distance, it appears blurrier than I
would like.
If I go into wireframe, it sharpens up. The polygon density is such that
it almost appears filled.

To make sure this isn't an optical illusion, I quantified this by
loading in different colors for the different miplevels.
I get a noticable (sharper) shift in the colors loaded for the same
view, with wireframe on.

Is this a standard GL behavior, or possibly an OSG setting, maybe video

I have OSG 2.4, nvidia 7950 with recent driver, XP.


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