[osg-users] scene graph access in multithreaded mode

Tugkan Calapoglu tugkan at vires.com
Wed Sep 3 01:56:10 PDT 2008


I am porting an application from OSG0.99 to latest SVN version. I have 
two questions (both for CullThreadPerCameraDrawThreadPerContext mode):

1- Is it safe to make changes in the scene graph outside the frame call 
(without using update etc. callbacks )? Or is the only place where we 
have safe scene graph acess is inside a callback? Mailing list and 
source code reading made me think that outside the frame() should be 
safe but I am getting some crashes. Before delving into my own code I'd 
like that someone confirms this.

2- Is it ok to change the global state set during rendering outside 
frame call? I have following code runing before frame() is called :

osg::Camera* cam = getViewer()->getView(i)->getCamera();
... And some other changes ...


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