[osg-users] LOD newbie

Korolyov Ilia ya-breeze at ya.ru
Tue Sep 2 03:31:43 PDT 2008


I'm newbie, so I've some questions.

But first of all, I want say thanks to OSG developers - it's really cool
library :)

I've GIS-system, which can return altitude for given coordinates, I need
to create a 3D scene according these altitudes. I don't need
textures - it's enought to paint terrain according to altitude (high
altitude - brown, low altitude - green). I'm going to use PagedLOD
for this. What is the best way to build such LODs?

I've found only one way - first create an "digital elevation map" file
and then process it with osgdem from VirtualPlanetBuilder. Is it
possible not to use such intermediate file?

May be there is exists a another correct way to reach such goal?

And second question - as I noticed, osgdem working much faster, then
output format is height field database. Is it possible to assign
different colors to different heights in osg::HeightField?

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