[osg-users] Recommended version?

Frank.vanMeurs at cs.uu.nl Frank.vanMeurs at cs.uu.nl
Tue Sep 2 01:34:10 PDT 2008

Hi everybody,

Although I would have loved it to be otherwise, all of my attempts at
installing/building OSG on my MacBook Pro (10.5.latest) have failed. So, I
have had to resort to arranging a windows machine on which I hope to be
able to get things working. However, to circumvent any problems arising
from minor bugs possibly left in the code, I would really like to know
which OSG version is the recommended one. I'm seeing quite a few tags
amongst the sources, but which one is 'the right one'? 2.6.0, 2.7.0 or
perhaps 2.7.2?

Thanks in advance!


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