[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph-2.7.2 dev release tagged

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 08:36:10 PDT 2008

Hi All,

I have just tagged the weekly developer release, you can download it from:


    * OpenSceneGraph-2.7.2, released on 1st September 2008.
OpenSceneGraph-2.7.2 includes new osgTerrain::Layer set name and
associated osgTerrain::SwitchLayer support. Cmake build targets for
OSG maintainer for making svn branches and tags. Also various bug and
build fixes.

    source package : OpenSceneGraph-2.7.2.zip
    svn tag: svn co


-- ChangeLog since 2.7.1 --

2008-09-01 15:29 +0000 [r8821-8822]  robert:

	* Replaced uint with unsigned int

	* Introduced a OSG_MAINTAINER section of cmake build to help
	  support making tags and branches

2008-09-01 14:05 +0000 [r8818-8819]  robert:

	* Updated wrappers

	* Changed curr and min to current and minimum respectively, to
	  avoid compile problems under Windows

2008-09-01 12:40 +0000 [r8816-8817]  robert:

	* Implemented support for ShapeAttributeList, used John Vidar
	  Larring's initial submission as a base, but implementing the user
	  data functionality in a different way to facilitate more flexible
	  user data support

	* From John Vidar Larring, initial cut of .ive support for
	  ShapeAttributeList user data

2008-09-01 11:09 +0000 [r8815]  robert:

	* Updated version for 2.7.2 dev release

2008-09-01 10:49 +0000 [r8812-8814]  robert:

	* Updated wrappers

	* Added call to free in setValue methods to prevent potential
	  memory leak

	* From Mathias Froehilch,"Current include/osgSim/ShapeAttribute
	  also misses string.h include because of strdup. Attached is the
	  changed file."

2008-09-01 10:22 +0000 [r8811]  robert:

	* From He Sicong, "I found a bug here in VERTICAL_SPLIT stereo
	  type: The vertical separation not actually displayed as it is
	  set. So some display the up and down stereo images style will not
	  be correct. Someone may forget to change the "Horizontal" to
	  "Vertical" after copying and pasting the code from above
	  HORIZONTAL_SPLIT code segment. I've attached the file. By
	  replacing the incorrect "Horizontal" to "Vertical", the bug is
	  gone. "

2008-09-01 10:19 +0000 [r8810]  robert:

	* Removed std:: from in front of strcmp and added a string.h

2008-09-01 10:06 +0000 [r8809]  robert:

	* From Wojciech Lewandowski, "Most recent changes to
	  CameraPathEventHandler change path writing method. Now control
	  points are written on the fly. But default stream precision is
	  not adjusted as it used to and remains set to 6 digits (at least
	  with VS 2008) so larger coordinates like positions on Earth
	  Ellipsoid loose lots of fidelity. This patch fixes this issue. "

2008-09-01 09:57 +0000 [r8808]  robert:

	* Build fixes for Windows

2008-08-29 09:28 +0000 [r8806-8807]  robert:

	* Added CompositeLayer::addLayer(setname,filename) convinience

	* From Michael Guerrero, "I've attached the files with the new
	  addition of the "registered = true" flag set."

2008-08-28 16:15 +0000 [r8805]  robert:

	* Introduce the concept of layer set name, using the
	  osg::Object::s/getName() to store the setname, and using a
	  compound string (set:setname:filename) in place of standard
	  filename when reading and writing files.

2008-08-28 09:43 +0000 [r8804]  robert:

	* Converted AutoTransform to use doubles.

2008-08-27 10:13 +0000 [r8803]  robert:

	* Introduced SwitchLayer which will form the basis of provided
	  support for varients

2008-08-26 17:40 +0000 [r8802]  robert:

	* Improved the GLSL implementation.

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