[osg-users] problem about slow frame rate

heishuijing_2000 heishuijing_2000 at 126.com
Mon Sep 1 05:10:04 PDT 2008

hello, Gordon,
  Thank you for your reply as this:
  >IVE 6m does not mean much to me or others , How many triangles, how many
  >textures, how big are the textures, what format are the textures etc
  >But your biggest problem is your using an integrated chip set   See this FAQ
  >Integrated graphics chipsets do not perform well with OpenGL and thus OSG,
  >especially older chip sets and those that use system memory and not
  >dedicated memory, even newer modern chipset versions are still very poor and
  >slow compared to a dedicated graphics card
  >About the only advice I can offer is Google for updated graphics drivers,
  >this may or may not help.
  I am sorry to say that in my letter before,i just made a mistake.My model is 60M size , not 6M.And I just want to know what is the problem with slow frame rate? Is the frame rate( 6 ) normal to 60M's model? All of the textures (png format) are in the ive file(60M size). Is the triangles number critical to this problem?

在2008-08-31 22:39:50,heishuijing_2000 <heishuijing_2000 at 126.com> 写道:

      Recently, i have some problems about slow frame rate. My test model (ive file) is about 6M size.My test computer's configure is follow:
      Celeron D CPU 3.06GHZ  single core 
      memory 2G
      integrated graphics card: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family
      I use the osg2.6's osgviewer and osgviewerMFC(muti-thread) release exe to test in WindowXP.
      In attachment,there are two pictures:
      1.scene.jpg(my model's scene graph organization)
      2.frame rate test.jpg(my test result)
      The frame rate is only 6.. ,i don't know if it is normal,anyone can help me?
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