[osg-users] OSG & FOX-toolkit

Hans Elbers hans at hpelbers.org
Thu Jul 31 08:43:27 PDT 2008

In one of my experiments I got a crash in the destuctor of Viewer... My class 
was derived (indirectly) from both osgViewer and GraphicsWindow (multiple 
inheritance). I had to pass 'this' in the viewer's constructor to the 
function that sets the graphic context... I think that the instance gets 
deleted twice because of the ref_ptr stuff...

That's why I ended with two classes: my GraphicsWindow is now a member of my 
Viewer... seems to work: the metallic cow spins at 400 frames/sec on my 
laptop :-)

@Raymond: I'll send you the sources monday, when I will be at my office again

Goed Weekend,


On Thursday 31 July 2008 16:35:40 Raymond de Vries wrote:
> Hi Hans,
> I am using the fox toolkit a lot so it would be interesting to see how
> you use it. I still have a problem where I cannot use a ref pointer for
> the osgViewer::Viewer, then I get a crash.
> Greetings from warm Netherlands :-)
> Raymond
> Elbers, H.P. wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I implemented a widget to use OSG in combination with the FOX-toolkit.
> > It is like /examples/osgviewerFOX/ (that is where I picked some parts),
> > but a bit simpler to use (simple widget, no MDI (multiple document
> > interface)...
> >
> > It is two small classes (tested with FOX-1.6 and OSG-2.6rc1)
> >
> > FXOSGCanvas: public FXGLCanvas, public osgViewer::GraphicsWindow
> > FXOSGView : public FXWindow, public osgViewer::Viewer
> >
> > If anybody is interested, I can post or submit the code (no cmakefile
> > yet)
> >
> > Hans Elbers
> > _______________________________________________

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