[osg-users] RE : Re: Getting texture coordinates of loaded models

Franclin Foping fsfoping at yahoo.fr
Thu Jul 31 05:33:30 PDT 2008

Hi Alberto,
 Indeed, that conversion is not possible. Do you know any other algorithms to retrieve texture coordinates of nodes made of a loaded model? 
 In your previous post, you mention using indexes but assuming a Geometry node. The problem here is that here there is no Geometry node so your previous advice was not a huge boon. I thought that I could use a visitorto retrieve its Drawable objects, turn them into Geometry objects and use your trick but I was wrong as it is impossible to convert from Drawable to Geometry. 
 Here is the situation.
 Waiting for your reply.

Alberto Luaces <aluaces at udc.es> a écrit : Hi Franclin,

El Jueves 31 Julio 2008ES 14:10:13 Franclin Foping escribió:
> retrieve its Drawable objects, convert them to Geometry

As you have been told earlier, that conversion can only be done if the 
Drawable pointer really points to a Geometry object. Otherwise no conversion 
is made and you get a null pointer.

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