[osg-users] transparency becomes dark

Dieter Pfeffer dieter.pfeffer at nl.thalesgroup.com
Wed Jul 30 05:08:53 PDT 2008

Thanks Ulrich and Dimi

I supposed that it has s.th to do with the missing material paramters; my
idea was to change the original material of the node, therefore I set:

osg::StateSet *ss = loadedModel ->getOrCreateStateSet();
osg::Material* blendMaterial =

but the material is always NULL so I don't have the original material

Is this the wrong function call ?


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Hi Dieter,

Dieter Pfeffer wrote:
> I am trying to set the object transparency from 1.0 -> 0.0 and vice versa;
> but when I start changing the alpha of the material the object becomes
> dark.
> I have changed the material parameters but without success; when I look
> in the loaded model (for example cow.osg) for material, the material is
> always null.
> I have modified the osgviewer example and attached it.
> Could s.o. give me a hint what I am doing wrong ?

You're creating a new Material that overrides the material of the node
fading.  However, you're not setting the Material properties (ambient,
specular, emissive, shininess) and the default values for Material are
to match that of the node you're trying to blend.  Hence when you override
original material it will switch from the original settings to the default

For an experiment, have a look at any .osg file and look at the material
properties.  Then set those values on the 'blendMaterial' node you're
and it should look smooth.

You're probably better off modifying the original Material(s) of the node
hierarchy.  Or try another approach, like using blendcolor.


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