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Adrian Egli OpenSceneGraph (3D) 3dhelp at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 22:32:57 PDT 2008

No, i have no problem with the PSSM and all of the discussion about it. but
i would like to pass the pssm through a review, because i am not computer
graphics specialist, i am more computer vision guy. :-) this is the only
raison why i am answering all of the emails people asking for enhanced
shadow techniques, may there will be once a guy helping me in bug fixing the
whole pssm shadow and others shadow techniques. i guess there are still some
bugs inside.


2008/7/29 Jean-Sébastien Guay <jean-sebastien.guay at cm-labs.com>

> Hello Adrian,
>  Parallel Split Shadow Map: it's still under *beta* release :-) i wait for
>> a review by a specialist, ... please review, test this algorithme, for
>> terrain, ... it's once of the most robust algorithm, but it has to be
>> tested.
> I knew any talk about PSSM would get a reply from you :-)
> I was not criticizing your work. Please don't take it so personally. I only
> gave my opinion of the current state of things.
> As for review, someone will need to have the knowledge of the algorithm to
> be able to review it, and that isn't my case personally... It's a very
> specialized and low-level thing to be able to review this kind of code.
> J-S
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Adrian Egli
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