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Greg Myers aftacer at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 21:26:31 PDT 2008

I have another question for you JP.  I have been playing with the osgdem
tool and trying to create a terrain database with some aerial photos (
geotiffs ).  After my database is generated using the command:

Osgdem --geocentric --terrain -d DTED -t image.tif -l 4 -o test\test.ive

I get something that looks about right except that the terrain around the
image is blacked out.  More area is blacked out when I'm viewing the higher
layers.  I'm attaching a small image so that you can see what I'm talking
about.  If you look near the top left corner of the black area you can
barely make out my tiny little geotiff image.  When I zoom out the black
area becomes larger.  When I zoom in it becomes smaller but never goes
completely away.  It seems that whichever tile ( I think that's the right
term ) the image is located in is blacked out everywhere except where the
image is.  Is it not possible to use images that only cover a portion of
your terrain or am I just missing some command line arguments or something?


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Greg Myers wrote:
> Hi JP,
> I'm new and I'm a little fuzzy on the versioning between VPB and OSG.
> It looks like for the example you have provided, we need an older
> version (2.3.6) of OSG.  Do you know if there are plans to upgrade VPB
> to work with the latest releases of OSG or am I totally missing
> something?
> Thanks for any info.
> Greg

sorry, I should have made the versions I used more explicit. For the 
example I used OSG and VPB from svn around June.

osgversion says 2.5.1.

svn info gives:
Revision: 8413 for OSG
Revision: 914 for VPB

I'll add the info to the example page.


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