[osg-users] problems with new version OSG 2.6.0

GMD GammerMaxyandex.ru GammerMax at yandex.ru
Tue Jul 29 05:19:41 PDT 2008


After some more debugging I got next:

file <osgUtil/LineSegmentIntersector.cpp>

"lost" Transform/Geode/drawable reaches this expression
line 388: drawable->accept(ti);

but next "if" executes time by time(drawable->accept fails in some situations).
if (ti._hit)

It means that error is in the drawable->accept(ti). I can't say any more because I have not enough knowledges about OSG.

I think I have found place where error with intersection is. While debugging I got next results:
In file <osgUtil/IntersectionVisitor.cpp>
void IntersectionVisitor::apply(osg::Node& node),
void IntersectionVisitor::apply(osg::Group& group) etc.
all ok, names of intersected objects appeares all times it must be
(std::cout << "Node appy= " << node.getName() << std::endl;)
file <osgUtil/LineSegmentIntersector.cpp>
function void LineSegmentIntersector::intersect(osgUtil::IntersectionVisitor& iv, osg::Drawable* drawable)
in line 338 expected name also appeares 
but line 444 (osgUtil/LineSegmentIntersector.cpp) (insertIntersection(hit);)
sometimes never executes!
It means that problem somewhere in osgUtil/LineSegmentIntersector.cpp

28.07.08, 22:44, "GMD GammerMaxyandex.ru" <GammerMax at yandex.ru>:

> Here is the small example, where described problem appeares. Example is modified example of osgpick (chenged code which returns name of object and osg scene). To see this problem you must go in the deep of room (way is showen in 00.jpeg). Then you need make several clicks in different positions (movements bitween positions must be small) and you will see that cursor often falls throught the object over which cursor is (possible positions is showen on 11.jpg). There is two archives in attachement (with textures and without them). Code is in osgpick.zip file which taken from example osgpick. I hope this is enough to illustrate described problem. And I think it will be not good if this error appeares in this release (2.6.0).
> Thanks, Max.
> files:
> (download: enter number, click green button)
> http://narod.ru/disk/1711280000/osgpick.zip.html
> http://narod.ru/disk/1711073000/00.JPG.html
> http://narod.ru/disk/1711279000/11.JPG.html
> http://narod.ru/disk/1712663000/museum_with_textures.zip.html
> Thanks, Max.
> 28.07.08, 10:47, "GMD GammerMaxyandex.ru" <GammerMax at yandex.ru>:
> > Ok, I'll make small example and show where problem occures. I'll try do this today.
> > 28.07.08, 00:33, "sherman wilcox" <wilcox.sherman at gmail.com>:
> > > Can you make a small and simple prototype that *reliably* reproduces
> > > the problem? You have a better chance of getting help that way.
> > > On Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 2:50 AM, GMD GammerMaxyandex.ru
> > > <GammerMax at yandex.ru> wrote:
> > > > Some offers of OSG 2.6.0( problems with new version).
> > > > Let's wait with OSG 2.6.0 release.  I asked this because I found a problem with osgUtil::LineSegmentIntersector function.
> > > > In OSG v 2.5.5 version of OSG function viewer->computeIntersections(x,y, hlist) works very strange - when cursor movements over object is short it(cursor) falls throught the object and function returns name of object which is behind current(object over which cursor is). In earlyer(less 2.5.2) versions of OSG this error has never appeared. How can I solve this problem in this(2.5.5) version of OSG?
> > > > It is necessary to solve the problem until  OSG 2.6.0 release.
> > > > Thanks in advance.  Best regards, Max.
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