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Serge Lages serge.lages at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 07:38:52 PDT 2008

Hi Scott,

Have you setted the pager to not unref images after applying them ? When you
have multiple contexts, you have to make sure images are not deleted before
each context has applied it.

On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 4:12 PM, Scott Angster <Scott.R.Angster at nasa.gov>wrote:

> Hello-
> We are seeing an interesting problem that we can not track down.
> Several previous postings have been similar but not quite what we are
> seeing.  We are hoping someone can point us in a possible direction to
> find a solution.
> We have an OSG/QT application using multiple windows with views into the
> same scene graph.  We use multiple instances of the Viewer to do this.
> We are seeing issues in the second/third/etc window for models loaded in
> containing textures.  The textures do not load and we get "Warning:
> detected OpenGL error 'invalid enumerant' after applying attribute
> Texture2D" when the second window is opened.
> However if we create an object at runtime, say a sphere, and apply a
> texture to it, the second/third/etc window do not have problems with it.
> If we save out the node we created to an IVE file and reload it, the
> problem is there.
> I have tried to duplicate this problem using the osgviewer QT example
> such that I have a simpler code base to work with, and I can't.  I have
> made this example more complex, adding features to it to replicate our
> code (HUD, textured background, our update loop for updating dynamic
> transform nodes and camera positioning, our state settings, thread
> settings, etc).
> We seem to have an issue with PagedLOD too in our application for the
> second/third windows.  I hope this issue is related so if we focus on
> the texture problem, maybe the other will be solved.
> We are using OSG 2.4 and currently QT 3.3 (hope to be moving to 4.X
> soon).  We are seeing this on both our Linux and Windows machines.
> Thanks for any suggestions or insight into this.
> Scott
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Serge Lages
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