[osg-users] Optimizer options oddity

Paul Martz pmartz at skew-matrix.com
Sun Jul 27 13:57:07 PDT 2008

Hi Glenn - I haven't looked at the code, but I see this in the ChangeLog:

2008-06-20 13:16 +0000 [r8474] robert:
* From Terry Welsh, new flatten static transforms visitor that
duplicates subgraphs that are shared beneath differnt static
transforms From Robert Osfield, made a range of changes to
Terry's visitor integrating it into osgUtil::Optimizer and
changing the code to use a style more like the rest of the OSG.

Maybe Terry can shed some light on this, or you could search osg-users for
the week leading up to this change to see if anything was said about it. Or
we can put this on a list of things for Robert to check before tagging 2.6.


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I noticed that two of the OptimizerOptions values, COPY_SHARED_NODES and
value (0x100). Is this intentional? This is in 2.6 RC1.


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