[osg-users] transparency becomes dark

dimi christop dimi_christop at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 25 01:15:33 PDT 2008

I dont see that you are doing anything wrong... It was not working for me either though but I think you messed somehow the logic up.

Here is an example based on what you sent which makes the model (I used cow.osg) fade in/out.
Hope this helps

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I am trying to set 
the object transparency from 1.0 -> 0.0 and vice 
but when I start 
changing the alpha of the material the object becomes dark.
I have changed the 
material parameters but without success; when I look in the loaded model (for 
example cow.osg) for material, the material is always null. 
I have modified the 
osgviewer example and attached it.
Could s.o. give me a 
hint what I am doing wrong ?
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