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Lenny F. Halseth LennyH at avi.com
Wed Jul 23 05:54:43 PDT 2008


That is indeed the issue.  It appears that each of the members that we
used to access have been moved into the private struct OverlayData,
which only has private access.  The getOverlayData(...) function looked
almost like a solution, but, it too is private.

As for the useage, I am not completely sure the purpose.  This section
of code hasn't been anything I have worked with.  This derived class is
used in conjunction with another class (a class derived from Delta3Ds
drawables).  The traverse function was overwritten - with an edited
version of OverlayNode's.

The node appears to be there for adding extra specific operations for
this section of the project, such as quickly hiding or showing what we
want by acting upon the nodes.  The system itself is providing a minimap
for our scene (an overview that resides in a corner that displays the
whole map + extra information such as where objects are.

I am trying to find out why this class was needed, as opposed to just
using an OverlayNode and moving the extra functionality somewhere else.
In the meantime, the easiest solution would of course just to somehow
get access from within the derived class.


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Hi Lenny,

Is it the use of a private: section in osgSim::OverlayNode that is the

I probably made this change to prevent problems with wrapper generation,
other than this then isn't a strong need to keep these protected.

Could you explain what you are trying to do, and how you are going about


On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 4:37 PM, Lenny F. Halseth <LennyH at avi.com>
> Hello,
> I have recently begun an upgrade process that involves OSG.  The 
> project I am on makes use of Delta3D, which makes heavy use of OSG.
> In a previous version, we derived a class from OverlayNode for our own

> purposes.  However, with the recent version of OSG, some of the 
> members accessed do not appear to be accessible.  Most of the things 
> touched are now contained in the OverlayData structure. The class 
> touches _texture, _texgenNode, _texture, _textureFrustrum, 
> _mainSubraphStateSet, which now results in an error from not being
able to access.
> How should I go about gaining access to these, or, what should I 
> consider for an alternative to deriving from OverlayNode?
> -Lenny
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