[osg-users] IntersectVisitors and LODs

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  Hi all,

  I have a problem in a situation that seem quite common.

  I have an IntersectVisitor traversing a scene with LOD nodes. The LOD
ranges are not overlapped. The problem is that intersections are only
detected with one of the LOD children, not neccesarily the visible one.

  There must be any obvious thing that I am not doing, so any ideas or any
advice about where to search would be very appreciated.

  Thanks in advance.

Javier Taibo
VideaLAB. Grupo de Visualización en Ingeniería, Arquitectura y Urbanismo
Universidade da Coruña E.T.S.I. de Caminos, Canales y Puertos Campus de
Elviña, s/n
15071 - A Coruña (Spain)
+34-981-167000 (ext. 5444)

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