[osg-users] osg/GL + glut.h interaction

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You can go to the to the Osg Wiki FAQ and add an entry to it. ( Search the
wiki for password details )

Also to look at another way there are, OSG cannot be responsible for what
users link in or pull in with headers
There are many instances of headers from other packages that have to be
included in a certain order and they
know nothing about each other, this effects not just OSG but many packages.

In your own code your can and certainly should document when headers have to
be include in a certain order
Or even excluded, btw this can even extend to the way you link certain libs
on good old windoze ....

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On 23 Jul 2008, at 10:56, Robert Osfield wrote:

> Can you not just avoid GLUT because it's crap for an proper
> application development.  Or just put the GLUT include last.  I'm not
> going to mess around with the core OSG to make up for deficiencies in
> an API that is well passed it's sell by date.

Agreed, but I do think it should be 'officially' documented somewhere,  
because the failure mode is *extremely* confusing. I was dealing with  
code that was indirectly dragging in glut.h through two other layers  
of library headers, and wasted many hours untangling the mess.

Though I suppose the next person to have the issue will search the OSG  
list archives and maybe find this thread. Hello to that person, now  
you know what the fix is :)

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