[osg-users] Problem using osgCal2

Rahul Jain rahulj at darshan3d.com
Wed Jul 23 01:33:28 PDT 2008

Thanks Andrew,
I am working on Linux, and osgCalViewer is just working fine. I will try
to use Delta3D it seems to me a better option too.

Andrew Lett wrote:
> Hello Rahul,
> I also gave osgCal2 (I believe 0.3.1) a try with both OSG2.0 and OSG2.4 - and I
> wasn't successful with either release. I just got crashes (under VisualStudio8,
> didn't try it for Mac). If you do manage to sort it out, please do let me know.
> However, I do have character animation working with the package 'ReplicantBody'.
> I had to make a few changes so that it would work under viewer (uses the
> Producer from before OSG2), and also so that it can use multithreaded rendering
> (I'm using cal3dv0.11).  I know that ReplicantBody hasn't been updated in years
> (one of my reasons for trying out osgCal2), but it does seems to do the trick.
> The Delta3D team also seems to have an alternate animation package available,
> you might want to look at that.
> Cheers,
> - Andrew
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