[osg-users] [OT][OT] Sun, moon, clouds. Any recommendations?

Vican, Justin E. jvican at draper.com
Tue Jul 22 15:13:07 PDT 2008

Hi Alberto,
What part of osgEphemeris are you having trouble building.  Is it the MakeMoonImages directory?  If so, I have a (hacked) version working with OSG2.2.  It should work with 2.4.  It should allow you to build the library and the plugin without the Producer dependency.  Would this be helpful?


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Hi Justin,

I suppose you have Producer already installed on your system. Anyway, thanks 
for your help.


El Martes 22 Julio 2008ES 14:21:25 KSpam escribió:
> Alberto,
> I am able to build osgEphemeris with OSG 2.4.  I only build the
> osgEphemeris library and plugin (That's all I need).  I have a Python build
> script that does the work.  Hopefully, the function calls are descriptive
> enough.
> # Make a small fix for compilation errors
> replaceInFile("src/osgEphemerisLib/StarField.cpp", [("=
> cv->getModelViewMatrix()", "= *cv->getModelViewMatrix()")]);
> os.environ["OSG_ROOT"] = osgDir;
> changeDir(os.path.join(unbundleDir, "VC7", "osgEphemeris"));
> runVcbuild("osgEphemeris.vcproj", configs = ["RELEASE", "DEBUG"]);
> changeDir(os.path.join(unbundleDir, "VC7", "osgPlugin_ephemeris"));
> replaceInFile("osgPlugin_ephemeris.vcproj",
> [("$(OSG_ROOT)\lib\win32", "$(OSG_ROOT)\lib")]);
> runVcbuild("osgPlugin_ephemeris.vcproj", configs = ["RELEASE", "DEBUG"]);
> Hope This Helps,
> Justin
> On Tuesday 22 July 2008 00:58:44 Alberto Luaces wrote:
> > Did you manage to build osgephemeris with OSG 2.4? A few weeks ago I
> > tried to compile it but gave up because it seems it depends on Producer.
> >
> > I you have a patch available, I think it would be of interest for us osg
> > users. Maybe you upload it to the wiki, it would be very useful. Another
> > possible place to post it would be on the producer-users mailing list, or
> > send it to the osgephemeris project page.
> >
> > Alberto.

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