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Riepl, David M david.m.riepl at boeing.com
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If your input to a mosaic was .ecw (compressed) and you output an .ecw (compressed) you may have inadvertently degraded the quality even further.  Sticking with GeoTIF would keep the quality high.
You say you specified 9 levels but it only produced 7....keep in mind that there is a top level/master .ive file that does not have a level number on it (myproject_StL_3d.ive) and there is also a level 0 (myproject_StL_3d_L0_X0_Y0_subtile.ive)...so if you see output that reaches to this (myproject_StL_3d_L7_X68_Y0_subtile.ive) then you got all 9 levels.
Plus, the overall area covered by your image(s) drives how many levels are required to reach the highest resolution of those image(s).  

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I'm working with OSGdem, Viewer and GIS - I'm trying to build a map-. I have the textures in pieces, and following the instructions of the OSG webpage I obtained a mosaic of the images so I could rebuild the map (making groups of -t -d elements), but the resulting image lost  a lot of quality because its unable to pass from level 7 (-l) (I choose 9 levels, but it cannot achieve it, and it's strange because when I generate it with singles it reaches higher levels). So I would like to know if there is another way to build the mosaic without loosing quality (I mean that if I can get more than 7 levels when using single images, I shoud also be able to get more than 7 levels using a mosaic of images, or isn't is possible?). Do you know any other alternative?

Thank you for your time, hope you to answer as soon as possible.



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