[osg-users] Compiling from XCode 3.0 with 10.5 SDK

Frank van Meurs Frank.vanMeurs at cs.uu.nl
Tue Jul 22 05:53:55 PDT 2008

On Jul 22, 2008, at 12:52 PM, Stephan Maximilian Huber wrote:

> Frank van Meurs schrieb:
>> However, as I don't know a great deal about XCode (yet), I would  
>> like to have something verified. While inspecting the dependencies  
>> for OSG in the targets and building OSG, I noticed that, although  
>> specifying "/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.5.sdk" as the "Base SDK Path"  
>> and "Mac OS X 10.5" as the "Mac OS X Deployment Target" in the  
>> "AllStandardTargets" target, this doesn't seem to propagate to all  
>> the prerequisite targets. My question therefore is, should this be  
>> the case, i.e. should all the prerequisite targets also have these  
>> settings, or will this implicitly propagate (this doesn't seem to  
>> be the case as compiling osgdb_qt triggers warnings from deprecated  
>> code in the 10.4.sdk).
> Switching the SDK for the whole osg-project is best made in the  
> project-settings. Right-click OpenSceneGraph with the blue icon on  
> top of the list (it's the root-node of all files, targets, etc) and  
> change the sdk etc to your needs. This should propagate cleanly to  
> all sub-projects, and worked for me.
> HTH,
> Stephan

Thanks Stephan. I just changed it and I'm building OSG as we speak. It  
seems to be working. The confusion arose because these settings can  
(of course) be defined at multiple levels. When viewing the build  
setting for one target, settings defined at another level can be  

This is probably trivial to anybody who is very much used to XCode,  
but, as long as the SDK and deployment settings are not defined at  
Target level (or as an "xcodebuild command-line flag"), it should  
indeed propagate nicely.


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