[osg-users] crash in frame(); in the multithreading

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 01:19:55 PDT 2008

Hi Xiaodong,

2008/7/22 Wu Xiaodong <wuxiaodong82 at gmail.com>:
>  Based on your opinion  that the crash is "a straight iterator invalidation
> issue due to your add/removing
> stuff from the scene graph." , can you give me some suggestions on fix the
> bug?

Moving the add/remove out of the callback and into the main body of
the frameloop will solve the problem.  It's also possible move the
add/move operation to the parent of the node you are currently
operating on, so that you are nested within any calls that are using
the iterators that you are invalidating.


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