[osg-users] OSG2.4 and 2.5.5 Windows static build problems

Christiansen, Brad Brad.Christiansen at thalesgroup.com.au
Mon Jul 21 22:05:02 PDT 2008


Thanks for the suggestions. I made the changes you recomened but it
seems to have had no effect on my problems. When I tried rebuilding
after the change I got the following results:

OpenThreads, Builds fine.
osg, Builds fine.
osgUtil: 60 warnings about duplicate symbols from OpenThreads
osgText (which built osgDB first): 2126 warnings about duplicate symbols
from both OpenThreads and osg.

Some examples:

osg35-osg.lib(VertexProgram.obj) : warning LNK4006: "public: static void
__cdecl osg::VertexProgram::discardDeletedVertexProgramObjects(unsigned
int)" (?discardDeletedVertexProgramObjects at VertexProgram@osg@@SAXI at Z)
already defined in osg35-osgDB.lib(VertexProgram.obj); second definition

osg35-osg.lib(WIN32Condition.obj) : warning LNK4006: "public: virtual
int __thiscall OpenThreads::Condition::wait(class OpenThreads::Mutex
*,unsigned long)" (?wait at Condition@OpenThreads@@UAEHPAVMutex at 2@K at Z)
already defined in osg35-osgDB.lib(WIN32Condition.obj); second
definition ignored

The drails of what I did are:
I modified the files as suggested (in 16 files, I am not building any
plugins / applications or the wrappers).
I reconfigured the static project using cmake.
I checked the preprocessor definintions in Visual Studios. Osg, osgUtil,
osgDB and osgText all had OSG_LIBRARY_STATIC OT_LIBRARY_STATIC defined.

Any further suggestions would be very welcome.



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Christiansen, Brad schrieb:
> Hi,
> I have searched the archive but cant find any mention of the problem, 
> though I think can remember reading about a solution some time ago on 
> the list.
> I have just tried to build the static version of OSG v2.4 and v2.5.5 
> using ViualStudio .Net 2003. When I do this build I get 5000+ warnings

> about dulpicate definitions when linking (LNK 4006). I then cannot 
> link my aplication against the resulting .libs. Has anyone else 
> encountered this problem and have a fix / workaround?
Are these link-errors related to OpenThreads? A quick and dirty fiy
would be:

change CMakeLists for all osg-libs/src from




The underlying problem is:

The setting, that you compiled OpenThreads statically is not carried out
to a public header or something. If another lib includes a header-file
of  OpenThreads the compiler thinks, that OpenThreads is linked for
dynamic-usage (because OT_LIBARY_STATIC is not defined so the
EXPORT-definition for OpenThreads is not setup correctly), so you'll get
multiple defined symbols, when you try to link your app with static
OpenThreads and static osg, because osg includes OpenThreads-symbols for

IMHO the definition of OT_LIBARY_STATIC should be carried out to
OpenThreads/Config. The same should be done for OSG_LIBRARY_STATIC. On
Linux there's no such problem, because you don't have to declare
different exports for static versus dynamic linking.

I am no expert in CMake, so perhaps somebody may jump in here?


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