[osg-users] How to ensure stable execution of the GPU?

Alf Inge Iversen alf-inge at autosim.no
Sat Jul 19 07:45:18 PDT 2008

Robert Osfield wrote:

> > Can I interpret your answer as: "No, there are no ways to control
> > start of the GPU execution from the OSG API." ?
> You could insert a camera pre/post callback if you want to add your
> own sync code.
> In your email you say you have two channels, but then you say its
> embedded.  Do you mean two physical displays, or a single display with
> two cameras?  It kinda sounds like your using the confusing Performer
> terminology, where a channel could be either a camera or a display.
> Could you say specifically what your Camera and GraphicsContext set up
> is.

Sorry to using confusing terms, we used Performer when we switched to
OSG; I am not very much into 3D programming, our main 3D programmer is
on vacation ...

We run one display per computer with the visualization running in full
screen mode. The full screen image displays the view as seen from the
driver's position (it's a driving simulator). A back mirror is
implemented as a separate camera that draws an image on a part of the
main image:

                      main display
--------------------- /
|                   |
|     mirror        |
|           \ ----  |
|             |  |  |
|             ----  |

When it comes to details about how the Camera and the GraphichsContext
is set up, I think I have to leave this problem until our visual
programmer is back from vacation. I was just looking for an "easy" way
to try to fix a big problem ...

I appreciate very much your effort!

-Alf Inge

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